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We are a group of mountain and trail enthusiasts from all over the world who meet regularly to keep moving together and enjoy what makes Salzburg so great for us: the mountains. The focus is not on performance or speed, but on getting to know new people, making friends and exploring the trails together, as well as gaining experiences that you will fondly remember years later.


Community Runs

We meet up weekly all around the year and at every weather somewhere in Salzburg and everyone is welcome to join us. In these 1-2 hours we have some fun, get to know each other and discuss upcoming joint adventures. Speed does not matter, we stay together no matter what, take lots of breaks to take photos and​ to enjoy the views. Before each run, we always do a short round of introductions and discuss the route together.

If you would like to join, there are multiple ways to find out about the runs. We will notify you on various channels:

  • Each run is in our "calendar ". You can register there so we get a rough idea how many people are coming.

  • Follow our Instagram , where we will remind you of upcoming events at short notice.

  • Join the Trail Community Salzburg group on Strava . We also create our events there.

  • In our newsletter , we send out all planned runs once a month and inform you about what else is going on at the Trail Community Salzburg.

  • We also have a WhatsApp group in which we will remind you again on the day of the run. If you want to be added to the WhatsApp group, introduce yourself to us on a platform of your choice or just come to a community run and ask us to add you.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



​Long Days on the Trail

In the summer months, we meet at least once a month on weekends for a long run or a brisk hike. We organize car pools or plan to get to the trails by public transport. Typically, reserve a full day for this event, as we also plan to indulge the views and the good food in one of the huts on the trails. These events can also be found in our calendar . Since these types of events are more difficult to plan for, it is important that you get in contact with us before joining. We therefore recommend that you take part in a community run beforehand so that we can get to know each other and exchange contact details.



Other Joint Activities

There are also many other occasions when we get together not running. At the beginning of 2022 we tried cross-country skiing together in Faistenau.​ In 2022 we will also meet a few times without being physically active. For example, we'll organize watch parties with a live stream from trail running events broadcast in the background while we casually enjoy each others company. These events can also be found in the calendar . Stay tuned​.

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