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2nd Run of the Spring Run Series

Hey Spring Runners! (Happy Easter! Happy Nooruz!)

From Monday 10 April through 23 April, the second route is open and available for all to run. If you haven't registered for the series yet, you can still do so here!

You can find the exact description, GPX file und route on Strava, here:

Please be sure to study the course description precisely to help avoid navigational errors. In addition, here are some additional photos with tips to help you find your way:

Stay on the right here to follow the Arenbergstraße.

At the end of the Arenbergstraße, take a sharp left around the corner into the Elsenheimstraße.

At the end of the Elsenheimstraße take the stairs up and turn right in the Borromäumstraße.

Shortly after the start of the downhill on the Kapuzinerberg, the route passes this intersection straight toward the view to Bavaria. Take the route to the left, following the downhill of the Mozart100 course.

Shortly after the intersection described above, you come to this bench. Turn right here. After that, finding the way is relatively easy. Mostly the downhill goes down the stairs towards the city wall.

After this turn, go straight down the stairs towards the Steingasse.

Turn left here. In the Steingasse turn right towards Platzl and the traffic lights. DO follow the rules and cross legally at the traffic lights!

A few more tips:

  • Set the GPS accuracy of your watch/app to be as accurate as possible.

  • Tracking is done by the segment you create, not by the route.

  • The route only shows how the segment runs. It doesn't matter if you run somewhere before or after (so you don't have to start and stop the watch exactly as shown here).

  • The main thing is to stay fast from the start to the stop of the segment.

  • If you get slightly off track, just keep running and try to get back on track. Strava accepts certain deviations.

  • We don't care what happens before and after your segment 😊.

  • If you have any questions, get in touch.

  • Have fun!!!

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