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Recap: Long Run - From Fuschl to Salzburg - 30.04.2022

Here's a few stats about our most recent long run. Why don't you watch the video below to watch how we were doing?

  • Number of Participants: 7

  • Meeting point: Main Train Station Salzburg

  • Approach: Taking the Bus 150 from the central train station Salzburg to Schloss Fuschl

  • Description: From the Schloss Fuschl we were alternatingly going up and downhill smoothly following the last 25 km of the Mozart100. We stopped multiple times to refill our water reserves. We added the Nockstein as an additional destination and from there we passed the Gaisberg across the Gersbergalm just to go downhill from Kühberg. Finally, we crossed the Kühberg before could indulge some fatty and salty food in the city center. Afterwards we had some ice cream and relaxed at the riverside of the Salzach.

  • Distance: < 25 km

  • Meters of Altitude: < 1200 m

  • Duration (with breaks): 4 h 6 min

  • Duration (without breaks): ~3 h 25 min

  • Weather: Sunny and cool in the morning, then sunny and very warm, later cloudy and cool

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